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Fourthwalling: Loki is one walking fourth wall.
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Hugging this character: Sure!
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Fighting with this character: Sure. He is an expert in receiving pummelings.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Be awful, I love it.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: I have no problems with this, just let me know beforehand.

Things I Kind Of Do Not Want:

I don't do shota.
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You have reached of Loki Laufeyson's machine of great answers, Loki Laufeyson is not here but please leave a message after the 'beep'.

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If you need Loki for anything, drop a comment here!

(and leave a date C: )
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[When Loki wakes up he feels very, very woozy and he has a hard time to focus his eyes on the sky above him. It takes a while before he realizes where he is and who he is for that matter.]

By Odin’s so...

[He stops mid-sentence because his voice does not entirely sound like his voice. Its heavier, more mature and...oh, it seems his hands have grown as well. Loki frowns and sits up and after the world has stopped spinning he starts to realize that he has grown. Or that he is stuck inside the body of his Evil Self. Or that he was his Evil Self but then not entirely evil.

So he sits there for at least five minutes and watches his feet intently. After that he moves his hands to his face and hair. And the frown on his face deepens when he notices his hair is thin and long and really not dashing at all. Now it definitely makes sense why his Evil Self hid his hair under that helmet. At least that is one mystery that got solved.

With a huff he gets on his feet and decides to head to the village to pay a visit to the shop. Perhaps a hip outfit could make everyone forget about the problem with his hair. Maybe a cool hat and a pair of jeans.]

Attention, attention. Your days of fretting are over, Luceti for I have returned! That means the moment for a great feast has arrived. Et cetera, et cetera and so forth!

Please inform me about all the juicy gossip and similar talk, I am rather curious what has happened during my absence. I hope it is not all doom and gloom and stories of woe and sorrow. For instance, I truly hope Vegeta the Saiyan has found the fitting panties to his outfit. It has been on my mind for quite a while, you see?

Sock-a, I wish to sail on your boat.

private to Billy
Where is Thor? His odd collection of plants is still here but he himself is nowhere to be found.


He went home, right?

[OOC: I still have not made any relevant icons but just so that you know, Loki looks a bit this now. Minus the fluff on his back. He just arrived in standard white shirt and pants. He’s still the same little shit inside.

Yes, you can find him hanging around in the forest or the shop or anywhere between, just specify! c:]

7. [Audio]

May. 25th, 2013 09:52 pm
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[The only sound that is audible for a very long time is a pen scribbling on paper until there's a loud sound. The sound of something (or someone) opening the door in an overly loud and obnoxious way.

Loki utters a 'yelp' and there are hurried footsteps and if someone who is trying to escape through a window could make a sound, that is the sound you are hearing. Of course Loki's escape proves to be rather useless because there is a short scream followed by the sound of his voice.]

No! No! I do not have time for this! Please don't...!

[Something falls on the floor.]

Not the face! By Odin's sores!

[Eventually the sounds fade and whoever will enter Loki's apartment now will notice its a mess. Congratulations Loki, you have been mallynapped.]
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action on floor 5 of community building 5 )

action around House 44 )


Dearest land of Luceti,

Since the great feast of Valentine has passed us I think it is an excellent time to assess eachother's experiences during this great feast. Have you been able to achieve great love through my excellent advices? Have you been able to make out with the tongues? Or did you even got the time to rut? After all, the feast of Valentines is an excellent opportunity for such acts of pleasure.

Dr. L. Laufeyson is once again open for all your remarks, suggestions, questions, assumptions, ideas, thoughts, opinions, feelings, views, presumptions, analyses, stories, could be's and should be's.

I am most interested in your stories and I shall answer all your questions just as accurate as I have done before, yes?

All the best in the Nine Realms and the like,

L. Laufeyson

PS: Is there anyone else still suffering from the effects from these chocolate treats? I am still rather eager to engage in the act of hugging. :-/
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[The moment Loki comes out of one of the shops he starts to realize this is not going to be a normal day. No, there are way too much new people walking around.

Loki tucks the remarkable large chunk of cheese he got away in his bag before he walks over to the fountain.]

Dearest newcomers! Oh, how I am aware of the confused look on your faces and how you are aware of the fact that you are in need of my great guidance.

[He throws his arms up in a very, very theatrical way.]

My name is Loki Laufeyson from the house of Odin, and today I shall be your guide in the Land of Luceti.

[More very dramatic gestures because Loki is quite good at those, followed by a honest and very, very, very sincere smile.]
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[When Loki turns the feed on it is really, really, really early in the morning. As in ridiculous-o-clock. And he knows it is ridiculously early and that is why he talks really loud. So that everyone who is in the process of waking up can hear him loud and clear. After all, everything Loki has to tell is very important and everyone should hear it.]

Attention denizens of Luceti!!

[A pause...]

I have everyone’s attention, yes? Good, very good.

From one user of magic to another, I have a question for all of those who practice the art of magic or sorcery. Are there some of you where this is a talent that is hidden within one’s genes or is it mere talent? Or is it something one generates from spells out of books? Or are there some who utilize magic wands or some other magic artifact?

This is meant to start an interesting discussion about the usage of magic, you see? To create a bond between magic users... A magical bond!

[Oh, the pun!

No way in hel Loki is going to announce that he is not quite able to do magic on his own and that most of his efforts end up in giant headaches and maybe one or two floating objects. And no way he will leave it to just one question. Loki likes asking questions.

He leans a bit closer to the screen of his journal.]

May I ask who is pranking my older self? Because to burden him with such an interesting hair do is mischief of a very advanced kind. As the god of mischief I wish to bestow great compliments upon him on her.

Maybe even an award.

[ According to the list Panda provided he has to brighten Nojiko’s Christmas with an amazing gift, and since Loki really wants to give a trolling good present to a maiden who seems to have purple hair he will filters this message so that she cannot catch on to this, yet, he will not mention her name either, after all, no one should be trusted with such information. ]

What does one give to a maiden with an interesting hair color? Something matching with her hair color? A brush to comb that hair? Or a ribbon?

Or maybe something so she can indulge herself into the act of shopping and try on different outfits? After all, that is what most maidens are very, very fond of.

written to Ikki but not filtered )
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[When Loki wakes up the sun is already setting. And he has to admit he feels rather horrible. His feet are cold and his neck feels stiff and sore. He is also not wearing his own clothes, but a black pair of pants and a t shirt to match. They dressed him up in rather boring civvies.
The journal is lying next to him and he grabs it but doesn't open it at all.

First thing he does after getting up is climbing a small tree, trying to sort his thoughts before anyone would spot him, because for some reason they fail to make sense.

Well, knows what he has been doing the past couple of days. There was a draft, undead creatures and he set up traps, met one girl with blue hair and another girl with knives. He got wounded. And that is where everything becomes very blurry.

He might have visited a hospital? Something with books about chess? And there was this vague image of Saori somewhere...and his older self. And blood.

He waits until darkness has settled in completely and the other people in the village are going to their beds. Honestly, Loki is not the most happy 12 year old at this point, and all he wants is to get to his room without being seen. Without having to answer questions or have awkward conversations that would only be a great contribution to that headache that is slowly developing...]

[Written] (the next morning)
Billy! Or anyone who lives on the fifth floor of the fifth apartmentbuilding!
It is of great importance that the system of heating is turned on inside my room.

If one has done so allow me to express my joy with a smiley face :-)

[OOC: Loki got killed during the zombie!event on the 28th, his death penalty is a creepy inability to feel warmth.

He'll stay the night at Saori's place, but feel free to catch him snooping around in backyards.]
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[When the feed turns on Loki is obviously sitting on his bed, looking intently at whoever is listening. The message he has for everyone is of great importance after all. Finally he opens his mouth, voice firm.]

Land of Luceti! There is something that has come to my attention and I see it as my duty to enlighten you about this, yes?

[He leans closer to the screen because this is a most serious matter, everyone.]

I shall tell you my name and then I shall explain you what usually follows.

My name is Loki...

[He pulls a face and when he continues his voice is higher as if he is mimicing a woman.]

Oh my! Your name is Loki! Shall I tell you about this other Loki who is also most definitely Loki?

[After that Loki clears his throat.]

Land of Luceti, I am very aware of my older self's presence, you see? It pains me to see how everyone wastes their time on pointing that out to me every time I mention my name.

[He smiles a broad and very, very nice smile.]

If there are any questions, please let me know. I am very fond of answering questions, yes?

[That is a lie.]

[Later that day Loki heads out to the forest to do some exploring. He still hopes to find his way back to Asgard, even though his opinion about this village and some of its inhabitants is leaning towards a more positive one.

He plans to go more in the direction of those mountains when something gray, firebreathing and extremely foulmouthed catches his attention. Actually, he is very pleasantly surprised.]

By Odin's empty eyesocket! Thori!

[Loki turns away from the small path he has been following into the bushes to fetch his beloved dog and scratch it between its ears. After that he lifts the dog up and holds it in his arms.

The dog lets its disapproval known by letting out an impressive amount of profanities. Loki merely shakes his head.]

Hush, Thori, you are a good dog, remember?

Asch's mailbox is the happiest mailbox right now [Hydra Social] )
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[Everyone who is listening can hear the sound of leaves rustling followed by a soft groan coming from someone's mouth.

After that there are footsteps that slowly fade away but get louder again after a minute or two. Apparently someone discovered the book and the small yelp followed by a referral to Odin's empty eye socket might give the impression that someone managed to step into a pinecone with his bare foot.

There is more rustling and a soft thud, the sound of someone opening a book and...]

Oh! It is a Midgardian recording device in a book!

How perfectly...impractical!

[Since the owner of this voice, Loki Laufeyson from Asgard, is really fond of any Midgardian way of communicating through long-distance connections he figures the book out in a rather quick way.

Eventually his face appears on everyone's feed, finger tapping against the screen to test if it might be a screen of touch, like his own phone of Stark used to have.]

Everyone! I figure this book of communication has been left to me with a certain purpose. So I shall ask for your aid, yes?

[Loki takes a deep breath.]

First of all, someone has provided me with white pants, yet has forgotten to give me a proper shirt. Second of all, I am fairly sure this is not Broxton.

Is there a town nearby? At least one where I can get proper garments?


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